Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Ball is rolling


Here are two commissions that I have done for people for my fund to San Fransisco

I will follow you anywhere.

We will drift apart

balloon girl 2

So far ive got about £300 pound towards my flight, but I need more! I am willing to do window doodles, office doodles anything that means I can get cash to buy a plane ticket.

You can also purchase prints on my etsy shop, the above prints are also included in this as well as some of the below.

Thanks everyone!


night time

I will fight the rain to see you.

You can also buy some original sketches here is one of my girls..You can buy this for whatever you want!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hello! Welcome to the blog¡

Firstly allow me to explain my situation, ive recently gone freelance after loosing my job, boo hoo and I have recently been offered the chance to do a placement in San Fransisco. The opportunity is amazing! and something I will kick myself for missing, I would be working with Upper Playgrounds, Juxtapoz and a snoop Dogg music video...?

So whats the problem? I need to cough up the Airfare and obviously I wouldn't do it for free im offering my services to draw my way their and making available original sketches for people to buy for whatever price they want and as long as you cover the postage (please be reasonable as these are original sketches)

Leave a comment on my flickr page for which one you are wanting, ive got allot of sketches! and I will do new ones if you email me ( matt dot rabbitportal at google mail dot com )

First up is a hand drawn A4 illustration which went on to be a colouring in page in Anorak magazine


Their is also the rough work out of how it was going too look


Anorak Magazine

More will be made available! Check my flickr for whats on the way. Please leave a comment if you are interested in anything..